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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ's) regarding underground utility locating.  If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask us!

UST survey for insurance investigation.

Q:  If  Dig Line or USA is a free service why call  a private service  or why call USA if a private service is called?

A:  It is required by law to call Dig Line or USA before any digging is started.  Whether public domain or private property USA should be called as the utility companies need to be notified in the event they have utility easement through the private property or in the public domain.  The service is free  because individual utility companies own the utility easements and are obligated to locate these for you to protect the utility and to insure the safety of those digging.  USA is an organization in which the utility companies subscribe to so that this service is implemented.  The utility company is only obligated to locate their easement which in many cases stops at the property boundary, unless the easement extends into the property itself. Private utility mark out companies can pick up where the utility stops and mark out the rest of the private utilities as well as provide a double check on previous utility mark outs if desired.  For a listing of USA numbers nation wide you can call  the American Public Works Association at (816) 472-6100


Q:  What types of equipment does your company use?)

A:  Electromagnetic Pipe and Cable Locators, Electromagnetic Induction Metal Detectors, Magnetometers,  and Ground Penetrating Radar.


Q:  Do large pieces of surface metal interfere with your equipment?

A:  Yes. Cars, racks, fencing, large pieces of debris can interfere with EM and Magnetic instruments as well as just  being a physical obstacle.  It is best to remove as much of these interferences as possible to facilitate a rapid and thorough survey.   Thick brush and weeds can also be a hindrance with some survey work and should be cut if possible ahead of time.


Utility survey during SCAPS sampling investigation.

Q:  How long have you been in business?

A:  14 successful years of customer satisfaction!


Q:  Are your results real time?

A:  Yes.  Our findings are real time results that are marked in the field with the proper material such as flagging, paint or chalk.  Field plotting and CAD services are also available.


Q:  Can you provide formal reports?

A:  We can provide formal reports as well as scaled field drawings and CAD drawings, if desired and part of your scope.  A standard written field report is provided at the end of each job stating any special concerns or limitations that were encountered by the field technician.   

Q:  Can your equipment provide depth measurements?

A:  Yes, depth estimation is feasible with limitations and should be considered on a site – by –site basis.


Q:  What is your level of accuracy horizontally?

A:  Accuracy of utility location is generally very good but can can vary depending upon site specific conditions such as type, diameter, depth, and number of utilities - The important consideration is for  safety - It is always advised to give at least two or more feet to each side of the mark out .  Most state regulations advise at least two feet each side of the mark out.

ULS president, Mike Benedict, checks the mark-out of a surveyed UST.

Q:  How mobile is your equipment?

A:  Our equipment is very mobile and we travel world–wide when the need arises.


Q:  Does rain interfere with your equipment?

A:  Generally if the rain is not too heavy, work can be conducted. Most equipment is rain resistant and can be protected.  The main difficulty is marking out the pavement which is nearly impossible to do when wet, so chalk is required and usually the crew is working right along side the excavator or drilling company, or if careful mapping is required. It can be done but is more difficult.  Our firm works in all environments - rain, snow, and arid conditions.


Q:  Is your firm insured?

A:  Yes, ULS carries all applicable insurance.  ULS is also bondable.  Certifications are easily sent to you upon request.


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