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Thank you for your interest in ULS Services!  Here is a brief company profile outlining various projects and services we have provided in over 15 years of service to commercial organizations and government operations.

ULS Services Corporation (ULS) is a Vietnam-Era Veteran Owned Small-Emerging Business offering sole specialization in all aspects of underground location services commonly associated with environmental assessment and construction design and excavation.  

ULS has provided these services to a number of firms over the past 15 years throughout Idaho, Arizona, California, Washington, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Midway Island NAF, Johnston Atoll, Wake Island AF (see picture above), and Guam, from offices in San Diego; Portland, Oregon; Boise and Pocatello, Idaho.

Complex utility locations at a Naval Air Station "fuel farm".

ULS provides expert support for both commercial as well as government interests:

Pacific Region:  For the last six years ULS has provided underground storage tank (UST) search and location work for design as well as active working Navy CLEAN projects in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands.  Significant projects include:  UST survey for Midway Island NAF, Johnston Atoll, and Wake Island AF Station (Mid-Pacific), as well as Naval projects in Hawaii and Guam.  ULS has also provided it's expertise for AF contractors in Hawaii.

Southern California:  ULS has worked for Navy RAC contractors in Southern California for the last six years as well as providing services directly to Navy Public Works.  Significant projects include utility location services at Tustin MCAS, El Toro MCAS, Yuma MCAS, NAVSTA - SUBASE, San Diego, San Clemente Island Naval Facility, and North Island NAF.  ULS has provided UST search and location work for CALTRANS contractors as well.

Idaho:  Over the last six years ULS has inspected and performed underground surveys at several hundred existing retail service stations - as well as hundreds of abandoned or redeveloped UST locations.  ULS has worked statewide with the Idaho Petroleum Storage Tank Fund providing UST and utility services, and for Idaho Department of Transportation contractors.

Texas/Colorado:  ULS has provided it's expertise for USAF contractors in Texas as well as for State Highway Department contractors in support of UST related Right of Way issues. ULS provided utility locating expertise in support of the US Air Force Academy GIS project.

ULS is fully insured and bondable.  Our safety record is outstanding with zero incidents.  All field staff are trained to work at HAZMAT sites in accordance with CFR 1910.120.  ULS Services Corporation is an alcohol/drug free workplace as well as an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer.  Our credit rating is excellent and we are listed with Dunn and Bradstreet.

ULS staff members are fully experienced in all work environments such as urban, arid-heat, tropical, and snow regions.  ULS is involved solely in every aspect of underground location - we do nothing else - and we will provide you with a highly professional service tailored to your specifications.  ULS can solve your underground location problems - large or small !


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